THE GATHERING by JIM ROSEMERGY. A guide to the power of group and individual prayer. This book will help you see that prayer isn’t something you do, rather it’s an experience of God’s presence. Jim Rosemergy helps you achieve a genuine, ever deepening sense of God’s closeness and unlimited power. £10.99 (UK only) inc. Postage & Packing.

THE UNIVERSE IS CALLING by ERIC BUTTERWORTH. Eric Butterworth is considered a legend and spiritual icon in the Unity Movement. In this book he addresses the growing need for understanding and clarity regarding the function and nature of prayer. “A wonderful book… truly a life-changer…” £10.70 (UK only) inc. postage & packing.

TEACH US TO PRAY by CHARLES FILLMORE. In this book, Fillmore analyses the practice of prayer, showing how to tap into a level of consciousness that goes beyond beseeching, even beyond affirming, to being in the Christ consciousness. £12.25 (UK only) inc. postage & packing.


THE DYNAMIC LAWS OF PRAYER by CATHERINE PONDER. ‘Prayer releases the highest form of energy in the universe, as it links you with a God energy which is your source… as you prayer you expand mentally and spiritually so as to become big enough in consciousness to receive a larger flow of the divine energy… prayer is not only asking, prayer is also receiving.’ £18 (UK only) inc. postage & packing.


HANDBOOK OF POSITIVE PRAYER by HYPATIA HASBROUCK. Positive prayers align our minds with the Mind of God and open us to the expression of God’s abundant good. In this book, Hasbrouck explores the many practical and uplifting ways that positive prayers can work in your life. £11.95 (UK only) inc. postage & packing.

QUEST FOR PRAYER by R. & M.A. JAFOLLA. In this book the authors help you discover that the journey of life is a quest for spiritual discovery. The Jafolla’s are best selling authors and former directors of Silent Unity. £11.95 (UK only) inc. postage & packing.

PRAYER WORKS by ROSEMARY GUILEY. This book contains over 150 stories of human encounters with life’s most stressful situations and the divine answers delivered through prayer. In every case prayer is the key to spiritual restoration and personal redemption. £10.20 (UK only) inc. postage & packing.

Prayers Blessings and meditations

PRAYERS, BLESSINGS AND MEDITATIONS. A very popular compilation of much loved Unity texts, this is an excellent little booklet to keep in your bag or at your bedside. £2.00 (UK only) inc. postage & packing

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The Gift of Prayer

Gift of prayer

Prayer is at the heart of Unity. it is what we do! Unity began with prayerful healing experienced by Myrtle Fillmore – Unity’s co-founder – in the 1880′s; and it continues to this day.

Do you want to know God more fully? Do you want to bless others? Do you ask yourself – what is prayer and how do I pray? There is no right or wrong way. However we can learn through our experience what brings a closer connection with god, the Divine, at work in and through us and our loved ones.

This inspired booklet includes articles and poems by much-loved Unity writers and teachers, including Mary Kupferle, Jim Rosemergy and Hypatia Hasbrouk.

However you pray – whether you plead, praise, rejoice, whisper or shout out loud from the rooftops – prayer connects you with God. Let this booklet inspire you even more in your own prayer journey.

THE GIFT OF PRAYER is available by donation (single copies UK only). Click on the donate button below, making sure you add your booklet request (specifying the booklet title) in the ‘special instructions’ box.

Empowering Prayers for Everyday Life

Every day, Silent Unity receives thousands of requests for prayer support by phone, mail and e-mail. Many of these prayer requests fall into five catergories: Healing, Prosperity, Inner Peace, Harmony, and Divine Order. Many others are for everyday comfort and inspiration.

This booklet provide affirmative prayers in each of these major catergories to help you master life’s changes and challenges.

May these empowering prayers remind you of the unique and beautiful expression of God that you are, ever-unfolding into your highest good.

THE GIFT OF PRAYER is available by donation (single copies UK only). Click on the donate button below, making sure you add your booklet request (specifying the booklet title) in the ‘special instructions’ box.