World Day of Prayer

By August 31, 2019 September 5th, 2019 Unity Ideas and Values

Every year I say the same thing – September comes round so quickly! And here we are again, getting ready to hold Unity’s World Day of Prayer vigil at our UK headquarters.

It truly is the best day of the year. The whole building is flooded with a quiet yet powerful presence that connects us with everyone who is part of this world wide event.

For twelve hours we hold the high watch of prayer. What does this mean? It means shifting our consciousness away from thoughts of problems or concerns, instead focusing on God and all that God is for us. You may have heard this called The Golden Key, as described by New Thought Minister, Emmet Fox.

Praying in this way frees our minds and hearts – we get out of the way of the activity of God and instead gratefully know that all of God is present in every moment, every situation, every person, every point in space and time. To us in Unity, God is the experience of unconditional love and compassion, wisdom, guidance, health and wholeness and every good experience we desire to know for ourselves and all around us, including our planet.

At this point in time, there are many concerns about the Amazon Rain Forest and other illegal logging happening around the world. There are political concerns for what is happening in this country and around the world. It is so very easy to get caught up in these fears. However, when we focus on God as love, wisdom, compassion etc., we find a way to let the concerns dissolve and know instead that a way is coming forth that blesses all life on earth: And that we are part of this as we allow divine guidance to express through our thoughts and activities. This is our practice and faith.

For we do have a part to play in helping our world, but we do it through prayer first. And we pray not to fix a problem but realise there is a divine solution. Thus we get still, open our minds and hearts to the Infinite Presence and Unlimited Potential that is in all of us, then take action as we are guided to do, doing all without blame yet being extremely clear as we act from our own integrity and wholeness.

Prayer is a powerful activity – a healing activity – a loving activity. Let us join together now, each day and on 12th September, to know and play our part in releasing and realising our infinite potential, being forever one with Infinite Presence and Grace.

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