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atest news from Unity

CELEBRATION DAY 2020 Details of this exciting annual summer event are still being finalised but we can confirm that it will take place on the last Saturday of July (July 25th) at Unity London. This is the first time our Celebration Day taken place at one of our UK Centres – and promises to give a very special and intimate feeling to the day. 


LIVE PRAYER SERVICES NOW OFFERED DAILY VIA ZOOM Many of you will already be aware of our live streaming service, offering prayer and meditation to our UK and worldwide Unity community. We are now very excited to announce that our weekday Daily Word service is now being offered seven days a week, 9am Mon-Sat; and 10am Sunday.  You can find out more by clicking on the following link.

A NEW UNITY GROUP HAS STARTED IN DERBYSHIRE. For more information click here. And if you would like to start your own group in your local area, we would be delighted to help you set this up, knowing that with God, all good things come to pass. Simply email us with your details: info@unityuk.org

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