We are the light

By July 31, 2020 Newsletter

There is no doubt that many of us are going through extremely challenging times: So much change leading to uncertainly and fear as we grapple to make sense of everything and keep life the same.

Yet … We are the light!

The invitation to every single one of us is: Let this light be known as the truth of who you are.

I believe that this is the deeper call that is going on for everyone right now.

We are being called to awaken to the light that we are; to see the light in each other and ourselves, then take action as the energy of light, love, wisdom, power and good. Knowing that as we do, we are not alone and we are supported on this journey.

In Genesis 1:3 it is written. ‘And God said, “Let there be light” and there was light.’

This is not just the external light that comes from the sun – this is our inner light – the light that we were born with, which is eternal, no matter what is going on in us or around us.

Jesus stated, “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden … let your light shine before others …” (Matthew 5: 14-16)

How much encouragement do we need? Yet truthfully, many of us resist this light. No! They can’t mean me – I am not worthy or good enough – etc.

Yet our inner light is seeking to be known in us, as us, especially in the midst of this planetary change. In Unity, we describe this as our Christ energy – our divine perfection that is already inherent.

You may imagine letting the light in, either as an experience of being ‘given’ to us from above, pouring down into and through us, or as rising up from deep within us.

Either way, this experience is a very important step – an excellent place to begin as we practice connecting with our light.  Then, as we move forward in life, the invitation is to begin to accept that you are one with the light and this light is you; it always was and always will be …

It is also important to know that as we connect with our light, it will begin to clear away any apparent blockage or pain: emotional, mental or physical. However, what many people tend to do at this point is resist. We do not want to experience our pain so we turn away from it, perhaps pretending it is not there or blaming everyone else for our experience. Yet, the way out of our pain is through it.

The invitation, then, is to let the blockages go as they arise. Allow yourself to feel into them and breathe through them, keeping the faith that you will reach the ‘other side’ and the underlying experience of Grace and true bliss that holds you. Don’t hang on to them or justify, blame or condemn, for when we do we find ourselves stuck like glue to them and this is very painful indeed.

A thought to hold here, is that in each moment, everyone always does what they can do and responds in the only way they know how. If this is not our highest and best response, we always have the opportunity to choose again. This is one of the gifts of forgiveness, for we are all loved unconditionally, and inherently we are love, no matter what we have said or done.

To help support you in this practice, you may like to affirm, “I willingly let my inner light heal and reveal my true joy, creativity, abundance, health and peace.”

Let your light in and let it shine so brightly that others can know their light as well. What is more, enjoy the light and the energy it brings.

Join with us in spiritual community – we help each other through prayer, stillness, shared love, laughter and wisdom.

For we do not ‘go home’ alone. We awaken together as we give and receive the light that we are.

Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft

Director of Silent Unity and Daily Word UK

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