Waking up!

By July 4, 2019 Thought for the week
“I am waking up to who I AM . “

It can sometimes feel like life is giving us one challenge after another. But what about this thought: Our lives are a series of events that can be viewed as opportunities which occur to help remind us to get re-focused on God, Life, Love, Truth, etc.

We do this through the daily practice of prayer, meditation, release work and affirmation. The more we respond from this perspective, the easier it is to move through the event and remember who we are: A spiritual being having human experiences. In Unity we call this The Golden Key, as described by Emmett Fox.

As human beings, we experience life through the experience of duality: You and me, past and future, right and wrong. From this viewpoint it feels like life is happening to us and we have no control over what is happening and, sometimes, how we respond. When we feel like a victim, we feel crushed, overwhelmed and dis-empowered which leads to anger, fear, guilt etc. At one level we know this is not who we really are.

However, when we take a moment to stop, breathe, get centred and still, relax and let go, we begin to reconnect once more to the underlying truth – that everything is connected to everything else and we are one with All That Is. It is from this viewpoint (non-duality) that we can begin to experience life as a series of opportunities, all designed to help us wake up and remember who we are.

Sometimes this is easy to do – at other times not so much. But as soon as we can bring our awareness back to the present moment we are giving ourselves the gift of remembering and waking up to who we are – eternal, spiritual, whole and free. Now we feel empowered, strong, happier and free to be the ‘me’ we came here to be.

Rev Kimerie Mapletoft

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