Unity Retreat- Survival Guide for the Soul

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current situation, The Kairos Centre have postponed our retreat with them this May. Instead, we have booked to go there again next year: New Dates: Friday 7th – Sunday 9th May, 2021. Costs and details to be advised. You can call the office (01628 628915) or email us to reserve your room for next year. At this point we are still expecting to hold our Autumn retreat in Ilkley. Also, and very importantly, you have already made a retreat booking and want to contact us about this please call our office number or email as above.

Friday 22nd – Monday 25th May 2020

Held at:

The Kairos Centre, Roehampton, SW London

Led by Rev Kimerie Mapletoft

and our Unity teachers 

 Fully Residential and all inclusive

£325 pp for a single or twin ensuite room

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Unity offers a path to a positive, practical and spiritual way of living. Our intention: to allow our true wholeness, beauty and inner joy to be revealed, enabling happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

This is a life-long practice for which we need tools and encouragement to help us daily. To support us in this, Unity has ideas and techniques to inspire and encourage us, which we will share at this retreat.

These will include:

– Affirmative prayer and meditation

– Release work – letting go of what no longer serves us

– Exploring how to recognise and experience the divine   potential that is within

– Connecting with God’s guidance and taking inspired action

– Embracing change; working through challenges

– Experiencing the support of like-minded people

The Kairos Retreat Centre is the perfect place to do this. We are beautifully looked after and nurtured with good food, accommodation and places of prayer to embrace and support us.

The weekend starts with dinner Friday evening and concludes with lunch on Monday. It gives us a real opportunity to support our spiritual soul journey and all we are learning and becoming.

To book click below to fill out a booking form. Or call 01628 628915

Or if you prefer download a copy of the booking form to print  and send- 1. Kairos Centre – email booking form