Unity World Day of Prayer – From Fear to Faith

We are once more fast approaching Unity’s annual World Day of Prayer, held this year on Thursday, 10th September.

What is this you may ask?

Very simply, it is a day when thousands of people all around the world commit to coming together in prayer with the worldwide prayer ministry that is Silent Unity, to hold our entire world in prayer; and you can be part of this.

We invite everyone, whoever and wherever you are, whatever your faith, to stop for 15 -30 minutes during the day, get quiet and still, and turn your attention to your experience of God within, around, through and as you. Get a sense, as you do this, of connecting to people all around the world who are doing the same thing, consciously and lovingly.

When we pray, it makes no difference how we know and experience God. Taking time in quiet faith for ourselves and our world will always bring forth a blessing, far greater than we can ever individually know. In addition, as we pray together, the effect is amplified.

This year, our theme is:

“Standing in truth, I move from fear to faith.”

If you have been feeling any degree of fear, particularly with all the challenges that are affecting our entire planet right now, than prayer is the best form of release and renewal.

In Unity, we will always encourage with the affirmation:

I let go and let God be God in me, in you and in us.

Then we actually do let go – of our fears, doubts and demands. We rest into God as Pure Intelligence, Life, Love and Wisdom.

As we do, we open the innermost door in our minds and hearts that lets fear out and love and wisdom in. We receive the powerful reminder that we are never alone and that we are loved unconditionally. We suddenly find we know how to respond to a situation, how to be more fully present in our lives, and more deeply, who we really are.

If you are curious about this in any way and would like to experience the day with us, we invite you take some quiet time, just where you are, to join us in prayer and meditation. You can also join us live on Zoom from 9am – 9pm from Silent Unity UK headquarters, near Taplow, Buckinghamshire.

We are deeply honoured to hold everyone in prayer and at Silent Unity UK headquarters, we will read every name that has been shared with us in prayer. Click here to complete an online form that will give us the names of anyone you wish held in confidential and affirmative prayer and the time you plan connecting with us in prayer.

Throughout the day, we will hold prayer and meditation services, and at the other times hold the silence of prayer, with this year’s affirmation held in heart and mind. Together, we stand in truth and move from fear to love: For ourselves, every person named with us in prayer, and our entire world.

Everyone is welcome so please share this message with anyone you think may be interested.

Join us and be part of the change you seek.

Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft

Director of Silent Unity and Daily Word UK


  • Lisa Stedman says:

    Thank you Kimerie for lovely, helpful newsletter.

    Peter and I will be meditating and praying with you tomorrow

    between 9am – 10am. I would like to name prayers for Margaret

    and all at Birmingham Unity.

    With love and best wishes from Lisa ( Stedman )

  • Unity UK says:

    Thank you Lisa. Its lovely to pray with you and we have passed the names to Silent Unity. With love and blessings.

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