12 Powers VisualTwelve Powers

Our new SEE course on Unity’s 12 powers  began in January

The plan:

Each month we will look at one power, read up as much as we can on the subject (book list below), practice it in meditation and application and then meet once a month on Fuze (instructions: https://www.unityuk.org/spiritual-education-and-enrichment-classes-see/ )

to discuss it: 12 powers = 12 months! You may have questions and we will have a meditation on each one.

This is an SEE credit class, and it is now open to anyone who wants to join us in deepening their understanding and application of this Unity tool/system.


January – faith

February – love

March – strength

April – wisdom

May – power

June – imagination

July – understanding

August – will

September – order

October – enthusiasm

November – release/elimination

December – life


Study books:

If you are taking this as a SEE credit class, please read: Charles Fillmore – The Twelve Powers

Plus one of the following, more modern books.

Twelve Powers in You – Williamson and Knapp

Your God-Given Potential – Hausmann

Divine Audacity – Linda Martella-Whitsett

If you are doing this just for your own understanding, any one of the books will work as a good place to begin.



Taking the class for Unity SEE credit: £50

For own interest only: £30

Payments can be spread over 3 months.


The dates:

Monday 23rd Jan

Monday 20th Feb

Monday 20th March

Tuesday 18th April

Future dates to be confirmed as we approach them though generally it will be held on a Monday evening.


If you would like to take part, of you have any questions, please email Kimerie . We look forward to sharing the year with you in this way.