Join Unity Online Today

It is so inspiring and rewarding for us to come together in prayer, fellowship, discussion, and spiritual upliftment, especially in these particular times.

Thanks to the internet we are now able to bring you a number of regular online prayer groups, daily word readings, meditation times, discussions, and Unity services – which are free and easy to use, thanks to Zoom meetings technology.

Many of these are daily gatherings – so do check below for the one you need. Then simply click on the link to join at the time when the meeting is happening – or visit the Zoom website and use the Zoom meeting number and password we have quoted below when prompted.

If you don’t have a smart phone or access to the internet you can also join by phone. Call 0203 695 0088 ( landline number rates). When prompted enter  the meeting code and/or password (see below) followed by the hash key # on your key pad. The press hash # again to join the meeting.

Daily Word UK: daily prayer group hosted by Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft and her team. Readings, prayers and space of meditation, run from Silent Unity’s prayer room: 9am-9.25am, Mon-Sat. Sundays, 10am-10.25am. To join at any of these times, click here. Zoom meeting number 739 579 4060. Password 897756 .

Direct link for all Maidenhead meetings:

Silent Unity UK: daily prayer group hosted by Rev.Kimerie Mapletoft and her team. Daily meditation and prayer time at noon, run from Silent Unity’s prayer room: 12.00-12.30pm, Monday-Friday.. To join at any of these times, click here. Zoom meeting number 739 579 4060. Password 897756

Direct link for all Maidenhead meetings:

Unity London: hosted by Rev. Erla McArthur. Weekly Sunday Service, 11am. Zoom Meeting number: 909 421 8147, password 723001.  (visit: and click on ‘join meeting’). From August 2nd 2020, Unity London are also planning to hold their services at the Centre, for more details, phone: 020 8699 8727.

Unity South London: hosted by Dr. Gregory Porilo. Weekly Sunday Service, 3.30pm (except 3rd Sunday in month where we join Unity Maidenhead’s service, see below). Meeting number: 559 049 7042 Password 510664. visit: and click on ‘join meeting’).

🆘  SATURDAY ONLINE SOIRÉE  🆘 Saturday 5th September 2020, 7:00pm-8:00pm An informal hour of piano music, songs, poetry and virtual gathering via Zoom. Any special musical requests would be very welcome and gratefully received but I would ask that you please send them to me by midday on Friday 4th September (the earlier the better) so that I will have time to prepare them. Do let me know what you would like to hear. 😊

To participate please visit “” on your computer, tablet, iPad or mobile around 6:50pm London time and enter the meeting code 5590497042. (IMPORTANT: if you are asked for a password please enter 510664). You can also join by telephone by calling 020 3695 0088 (if you are in the UK) and entering the same meeting code followed by the # key when prompted. If you are asked for a participant ID just press the # key again.  Everyone is very welcome.


Unity  Maidenhead: Monthly Sunday Service hosted by Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft, 3rd Sunday each month, 3pm. Note: normally we hold these services at the Quaker Meeting House in Maidenhead for everyone to attend, but in our current situation the service will only be available online until further notice. Our meeting number is 739 579 4060, password: 897 756. To join our latest service on the third Sunday of each month, from 2.45pm, click here.

Unity Maidenhead Bookclub: hosted by Paul Mapletoft.  2nd and 4th Tuesday each month, 7-9pm. Click here to join. (Our meeting number is 739 579 4060 password: 897 756). More details of our current bookclub programme here.

The Art of Stillness hosted by Isabel Compton, Unity teacher. Mondays, 7-8 pm.  Incorporating Quantum Entrainment (QE) Using techniques taught by Frank Kinslow, Isabel will help us learn to still our minds and reach that deep inner peace we all seek. This to enable our natural, healthy sense of well-being. Click here to join. (Our meeting number is 739 579 4060 password: 897756).