Understanding Faith

By December 1, 2016 Uncategorized

“God is forever in process of movement within us.”

Faith is described as the cornerstone of Unity. Without faith, our theme for this, the first week of Advent, the permanent good we seek will always seem out of reach.

We speak not of blind faith, but an understanding faith: The deeper, more grounded knowing that we are part of something so much greater than ourselves, which is Pure love and wisdom.

We may struggle to see this with our human eyes, but it can be seen through the inner eye. We may not feel this with our hands, but it can be felt as Presence within.

As we begin Advent together, let us take time out in the quiet, to practice deepening our faith in God as Infinite love and wisdom. Let us find a way to move through the mists of doubt and fear, to connect with God within: The Power which knows no bounds.

Then to do this with small, gentle steps. We do not need to take a huge leap of faith, unless we feel we are being called to do so. Faith is also practised in the small, everyday moments of life. When we choose to look beyond the physical, to connect with All That Is, which is always present and active to enable our deeper knowing of Christ within. Our Advent journey.

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