Thoughts from a Silent Unity Prayer Line Volunteer

 Responding to the prayer line is being in a different space in my body/mind.  I am aware of a different level of reality:  a knowing that God’s love is all there is.

If, for an instant, I drop into thinking about a caller’s concern, I quickly remember to stop and let faith in God’s reality bring me back to my essence.  Effortlessly from this place within, I reflect the truth as I pray with the caller.  We both know it.  We share the peace and comfort of certainty that God’s love is ensuring the highest good for the caller.

What could be a mightier gift to a fellow human being?  And there is  no greater proof to me that giving is receiving.


If you have the desire to connect in prayer in this way, call: 01628628916 


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Silent Unity UK is part of Unity’s international prayer ministry, dedicated to joining you in confidential and affirmative prayer.

Allow us to join you in prayer for all people or events you hold in heart and mind so that we may connect with the limitless potential here, now, for us all. Call: 01628 628916      E-mail 

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