To Serve and Be Served- Prosperity in Action

By January 31, 2019 Newsletter

To Serve and Be Served: Prosperity in Action

In Unity we are called to serve, taking our talents, gifts and abilities to help and uplift all those around us. But it is also important to allow ourselves to be served as well. This is the second part of ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ (Leviticus 19:18 & Matthew 19:19) We can easily get caught up in the serving of others, the ‘love your neighbour’ part and miss the ‘love yourself’ part.

To serve and be served are aspects of prosperity for in Unity we teach that giving and receiving are the same. When we give with loving kindness, we will receive acts of loving kindness. Our role is simply to open our minds and heart to receive; joyfully and gratefully.

Thus it is, that in Unity:
– We recognise everyone as an expression of God; here to give and receive our good.
– Everyone has unique talents and gifts to share and enjoy.
– When we do this we add positively to the consciousness of the world.

We are being of service when we:
– Share our talents, gifts and unique ways of expressing, right where we are.
– Give our time to our family, friends, neighbours and communities.
– Share our money with those who spiritually feed us and speak to our values – what is important to us.

It is extremely important to be served – to receive. We do this through:
– Spiritually nourishing ourselves through prayer, meditation and inspirational reading and study
– Eating healthy foods and taking exercise to nurture our body temples.
– Taking time to rest and recuperate away from any distractions and demands.
– Have holidays and play days – laughing and having fun.
– Receiving from others. Allowing others to give to us enables the circle of giving and receiving to thrive.

“I AM open to this abundant universe and it’s limitless possibilities. I joyfully give and receive my good.”

Unity is here with you. We give through service and we receive joyfully and gratefully. Indeed it is our joy to remind everyone that we are all expressions of the Divine – unique, talented and abundant in nature – no exception. You have much to offer and much to receive. As you set your intention this year to serve and be served, know all of the universe is enabling and supporting you in this.


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