Thought for the Week- What makes me feel most alive?

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This week it is not so much a thought as a question to ponder.

We are creatures of habit and routine and it is easy to get stuck in a rut with negative ideas, feelings or beliefs.

But once our minds take up a focused thought and we begin to move forward with renewed confidence and faith that God in us, as us, is doing the work, our bodies feel more energised and our lives more positive.

So let this question, “What makes me feel most alive?” lead you forward this year. What do you desire to do or be, that has felt a little out of reach, yet stirs your mind and heart?

Myrtle Fillmore, wrote, “Through the right use of God-given power, a person may make his life the very thing he most wants.”

Let this year be one of bondaries being stretched, new goals reached.

This will be part of our focus at our Burning Bowl service at Maidenhead this Sunday


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