Thought for the Week

By September 15, 2014 Uncategorized

The longing that we call appetite is really aspiration. How to Let God Help You (Ch. 10 P63)

While we think we are just our bodies, using our five physical senses to experience life, we will have a life half lived.  And we will believe that all our longing can only be fulfilled through the body.

However we are so much more.  We are spiritual beings, with inner spiritual senses to develop and use.

As long as we think we can satisfy our longing with something we eat or drink, it grows. Have you noticed this? Eat a spoonful of sugar and I want more!

Instead, let us learn to satisfy the deep, inner longing with a true consciousness of what is. It is a thirst after righteousness, which understanding (love, wisdom, intelligence, forgiveness) satisfies.

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