The Silence

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This month we have two great events happening in Unity.  On Saturday, 13th July, we are celebrating 100 years of Unity groups meeting in the UK – a big milestone, (click for details of our celebration day). We are planning a wonderful day filled with activities, fellowship and times of reflection and very much look forward to celebrating with you.

Then, just two weeks later, we in Silent Unity are holding a silent retreat.

Both these aspects of life are extremely important: The outer celebration and giving thanks for all we have received and continue to receive day by day, alongside the time for going apart from the world, as Jesus was described as doing repeatedly throughout his ministry.

My life has reflected these activities lately. A lot of planning, excitement and anticipation is going into arranging our Celebration Day. We have so much to be grateful for. And, as the Director of Silent Unity and Daily Word in the UK, the silent time of prayer and meditation is also extremely important to me.

In preparation for our silent retreat, I recently took myself apart for a two-day personal retreat at The Kairos Centre in SW London. It was a powerful time of reflection, prayer and meditation, and these are the qualities we will be bringing to our silent retreat.

There is a core message that we live by in Unity – that at the foundation of everything is God as Grace, Presence, Being-ness, Awareness. God as Grace knows us as we truly are and is with us always. The more we can deepen into the experience and knowing of our oneness with All That Is, the happier, healthier, peaceful and more fulfilled we become. We begin to know ourselves as human and spiritual beings. From this awareness we can be the change we want to see in our world.

Miranda Macpherson, in her book The Way of Grace, writes, “Grace is boundless love, infinite generosity and primordial bliss. It is both our unchanging ground and the blessings that mysteriously come from realms beyond conceptual understanding. … It requires deep trust, humility and patience to stay intimate with this underlying goodness in a world so full of strife. Yet if we inquire into the cause of the painful displays of violence, greed and hatred that blight our world, we see human beings caught in the spiritual poverty of lack, disconnected from the natural joy of being. We can end this unnecessary deprivation by slowing down, deepening into our heart and relishing the gift of life.”

This is the gift we offer at our silent retreat this month. It is so important to take time away from the busy, demanding and distracting world, to surrender into and reconnect with God as Grace; to heal and restore us at depth. And throughout this fully inclusive Friday to Monday retreat, we will have time to reflect on our journey; share in periods of silent and guided meditation; be in nature; and listen to thoughts shared by spiritual leaders, without the need to discuss afterwards. We take everything into the silence of our heart, from which arises our deeper understanding, creativity and joy.

Each and every one of you are invited to join us at one or both events. We delight in every opportunity we have to reconnect with our Unity friends and family and make new friends along the way. There is no doubt in my mind that we journey through life together, here to love, support, enable and bless as we go. I look forward to meeting you in celebration and prayer.

Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft

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