The Purpose of Life

By January 10, 2019 Thought for the week

“The purpose of life is to express in ever greater degree,
that which we eternally are.”

At the beginning of every new year, many of us take time to reflect on the year that has passed and what we are looking to experience in the new one unfolding.

As you do this for yourself, keep in the forefront of your mind that your purpose is to express that which you eternally are. This means you cannot become something you are not. It means you are revealing that which you already are.

So this year, let every choice and decision you make, and every desire that calls from your heart, consciously lead you to the deeper and real knowing that everything you think and do, is revealing the beautiful you that you already are, and came here to be.

And at any time this does not happen, take a few moments to release, relax and let go. The old you is passing away – the new one is shining.


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