The Practice of Faith

“I let God in me, out.”

There is something in all of us that is so pure it cannot be harmed, hurt or destroyed in any way.

This is our true nature, our Christ self, our divinity; the fullest potential that is waiting to be known and expressed through and as us. We can experience this as wise, loving, joyful, creative and inner peace.

Simply by taking quiet time each day, and quietly affirming something like, I let God in me, out, we are giving our true self permission to express.

As we gently and patiently practice focusing on what we cannot see with our eyes, but somehow know is here, we change.

We discover that our true nature, God in us, has all the answers we need to guide us to the good for all. Our bodies, minds and hearts can heal. We find we no longer need to fix, worry or condemn. Solutions become clear and we have the energy and desire to follow through. We and our world are blessed.

Whether sitting quietly at home, being in nature, or resting in a place of prayer you are invited to take time to let God in you, out. Let your light shine. Know yourself as the wisdom, love, joy, creativity and peace you are in truth.

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