The Magnificence of Life

“I open to the magnificence of life.”

As we welcome in this New Year, let us do so by embracing the magnificence of life!

Every January, Unity holds it’s Burning Bowl Service, when we burn and release all we no longer desire to hold on to, focusing on and affirming instead, that which we want to claim and experience in the coming year.

Let us choose to release being consumed by the littleness of life; anywhere we waste energy and vitality. This can be in our relationships, our workplace and in every aspect of our thinking.

Instead let us claim our magnificence and see the same magnificence in those around us. Let us value only that which is truly valuable and release the rest. Together let us build a world where we see and connect with the magnificence in us all. This is living as the Christ. This will help change our world.


Have a magnificent New Year!

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