with Martin Nathanael

Sat 21st September 2019
11 am – 3 pm

UNITY (Birmingham)
Oaklands New Church Centre
Winleigh Road, Handsworth
Birmingham B20 2HN

An opportunity to investigate what constitutes true happiness or joy,  what are its counterfeit enticements,
and how to harness the innate resources needed to live in truth and integrity.


Carran Stephens 07988 236342

Carran Stephens, Unity Birmingham Group Leader

About the speaker: Martin Nathanael

During his late teens, Martin Nathanael found himself drawn to the esoteric elements of the world’s spiritual philosophies, particularly focusing on the advaita (non-dual) tradition of India.
Later, a mystical opening to Christ-consciousness led him towards working as a priest.
His varied career has taken him into secondary education where he was Head of Religious Studies in two London schools, teaching world religions to A level.
For the past 35 years, he has been teaching meditation to individuals and groups, leading quiet days and residential retreats, and giving talks or leading courses and workshops on various aspects of inner transformation.
He has also been a tutor and supervisor to students in training as interfaith ministers, as well as developing his own interfaith ministry.
Martin lives in York with his wife Kathleen.

“It was indeed a good workshop both in content and the energy generated by all of us. Martin was excellent with a warming personality.”