The Fullness of God

                                             “All the potentiality of God is available to me right now.”

We are reminded in Unity that wherever we are God is. This means that all that God is, the fullness of God, is available for us to open into, experience and know for ourselves.

Take a moment to drink this in …

Is it love you wish to experience more deeply? God is love. Surrender into love as your truth. Allow yourself to know that God as love is yours to know fully right now.

Breathe into love.

Is it guidance you seek? God is light. Allow yourself to know God light is your light. That you are one with all the wisdom, clarity and direction you seek, here and now.

God is life.  Know that the allness of Divine Life is yours. That every cell and atom in your body responds now to the experience of God life expressing as your life.

All of God is here for you right now. Open into this, give thanks for this. However you wish to experience God, know that God’s limitless potential is yours to surrender into in every moment; to claim and know as your truth.


If you would like to spend time in prayer and silence with us at Silent Unity in the UK, and you have access to a smart phone, tablet or computer, you can now do so.

From 9.00-9.30 am and 12.00-12.30 pm, Monday to Friday, join our prayer services and be part of  something bigger than our selves.  We are honoured to sit together in prayer and stillness with you

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