Begin by getting clear on what it is you want to know in prayer. Take time to connect with what wants to be revealed in you. For example, healing, wholeness, guidance, abundance, peace etc.

  1. Relaxation

Begin by consciously relaxing your body, mind and emotions. Use your breath to help you do this and perhaps say out loud, “I relax, I release, I let go.”

  1. Concentration

For a few moments, concentrate on your true, divine nature, holding the thought of what you want to experience.

For example, when praying about prosperity, pray affirming your abundance. When praying about healing, we pray affirming your health and wholeness.

You can either hold the thought of abundance, say an affirmation out loud, “My divine and abundant Self is blessing every aspect of my life and affairs” and/ or feel into the experience of abundance, richness and prosperity – what it feels like to know your every need is met.

  1. Meditation

This is your heart intention of listening to God and your Divine nature. As you wait in the stillness and silence, listen for the still small voice, inspired by divine ideas and understanding.  Take as long here as you wish to, without effort or strain. Rest here.

  1. Realisation

Through regular practice, we reach this step where we find we have entered into the realisation of wholeness, prosperity, peace etc. No more effort or thinking is needed. We know without words that all is well.

  1. Appreciation

Thanksgiving is an attitude of the heart that brings the prayer into this moment and is a very important step. Indeed, thanksgiving will be an automatic response from realisation – joy and gratitude overflow.

In following through after prayer, identify a specific action you can take which reflects your demonstration of the fulfilment of your prayer.


Water Lily – Photo by Raychan on Unsplash