The Christ Within

By September 8, 2016 Thought for the week

“It is not I, but the Christ within that does the work

I think this is one of the most important affirmations I can say.

It speaks to me on so many levels:

– It allows me to express the Christ through my humanity

– It “gives me permission” to stand in my truth, should I choose to do that

– It reminds me that the personal I is not living this life alone and without spiritual support – It is part of the foundation of the prayer work at Silent Unity.


As I turn to the Christ within I find the guidance, strength and courage to live from my best expression. I love the sentence in the text about allowing Spirit to work unimpeded in my life – this is my daily endeavour.


Written by Nancy Sandoval, A Unity Student, studying The Quest, Ch. 41, Humility

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