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Letters by Silent Unity callers. All the callers quoted have kindly given us permission to share their words, and any names have been edited  to preserve anonymity. Click on the circles below to scroll through.

"This is to thank you for your support which was very uplifting and comforting. I benefited tremendously and I'm sure I wouldn't have progressed as I did without you."

PatSilent Unity Caller

Thank you for your prayers and words of comfort. Thank goodness I am feeling very much better from the recent illness that plagued my body.
Your support has been of great comfort to me.

JoySilent Unity Caller

"From feeling so alone and troubled, the peace I was longing for, and the comfort from knowing I was being enfolded in prayer, came back to me, and is still with me.Thank you for all that you do and give, it helps one so much. Thank you for continuing to hold me and my loved ones in prayer , which you have done for many years now."

J.S, IOWSilent Unity caller

Dear Silent Unity,
I phoned last week for prayers to be said for my husband and son. I am very happy and grateful to say that my husband is getting better every day and my son has already been offered a job he likes. Thank you for putting them on your list of prayers. We thank God for the blessing our family always. We thank Unity for their spiritual support and we deeply appreciate your help
Thank you for the kind letters and support you gave us. It is always a pleasure to receive your letters and excited to read them as well. Your letters always give me some peace of mind and draw me closer to God"

C.L, LondonSilent Unity Caller

Dear Unity,
I made a request,a few months ago, that the name of a friend, be placed on your prayer list. I wish to thank you for your prayers/ God has answered them graciously and my friend has made excellent progress to good health.
God bless your ministry

B.T. , Isle of ManSilent Unity Caller

Mid-December I rang and asked for my daughter to be included on your prayer list. I spoke to someone who prayed the most beautiful prayer for her and I have held her in that prayer, as well as continuing my own prayers for her, since that time.

There has been the most wonderful change in her. She has moved forward in a way she hasn't done for over two years. She is looking after herself more that she has ever done before and she has started to make plans to re-establish her career.
I can't thank you enough

A.B., SomersetSilent Unity Caller

Prayers are held sacred and confidential. There is never a charge for this service.