Ten Golden Minutes: Beginning and ending the day with prayer

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Ten Golden Minutes

Isaiah 26:3

Those of steadfast mind you keep in peace—
    in peace because they trust in you.


How do we keep the faith, stay positive, not judge by appearances, be loving and forgiving, non-resistant and put God first?

Starting and ending the day with prayer:

  1. The first five minutes on waking each morning
  • Spend in quiet and even wordless realisation of oneness with God.
  • A consecration of mind, heart and hands to express the qualities and potentialities of our God-Self.
  • Focusing on thinking and acting in integrity with my Infinite Self.
  • Followed by a stirring pep-talk to get the mind functioning with interest and enthusiasm.
  • Affirming that this is a divine order day.
  • I AM alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic/ reading favourite Bible quote
  • This beginning the day with joy (laughter) and peace.
  • Look in the mirror and spend a few minutes praising your self – wonderful, attractive, confident, capable, harmonious, orderly and relaxed.
  • Upon getting up, before meditation, do some breathing and stretching exercises to loosen the body.

Devise your own morning ritual to support and uplift you.


  1. Getting ready for bed
  • Mentally prepare for bed before going there – begin to unwind and relax.
  • Journal to help clear the mind.
  • As we undress, mentally put down the thoughts/activities of the day.
  • “I come to bed to sleep and rest.”
  • Read some spiritual material
  • Then lie flat on the back and talk to yourself
  • “I have done my best, I leave the rest.”
  • “I relax and let go and fall into the loving arms of peace.”
  • “This duvet/sheet envelops me like God in its loving embrace.”
  • Let the muscles relax and grow heavy
  • “As I sink deeper into the mattress, I sink into peace.”
  • Speak some words of prayer or affirmation that keep you focused on God.
  • You will probably fall asleep before you finish.


Know for yourself:

I do not have to strain to get close to God – oneness is the truth.

Like a compass needle pointing north, I persistently turn my focus on God and a deep peace washes over my soul.

Based on “Life is for Living” by Eric Butterworth


Resources: Download a copy of this morning and evening routine Ten Golden Minutes

Download a copy of Ten Golden Minutes


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