Stand with God

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This brings up the question: What does God mean to me and how do I relate to God?

In Unity we talk about God as principle: everywhere present, all knowledge, being love, life and wisdom. This is Oneness expressed. But where does this leave us in our own relationship with a personal God? Do we even want a relationship with a personal God?

Throughout our human history we created God in our image. Yet it is possible to know God as principle and experience God as loving Father when we stay open to this.

To humanize God feels comforting. With God as our father we can be a child again and we experience God listening to us. We feel that God can understand and help us.

With God as principle, as the very air we breathe, as everything including us, we may question how do I communicate with this Presence.  How does a wave communicate with the ocean when it is part of the ocean? We open our hearts to feel our way into God and our knowing of our oneness, where in truth all is well.

As we are reminded in Scripture :

“In God we live and move and have our being”  -Acts 17.28

Perhaps it is important to see both possibilities and experience God in multiple ways. Exploring the mystery and wonder of God and our relationship with God as we grow and evolve.

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