Our Spiritual Practice

More and more, as I continue through life, I have come to recognise the huge importance of my personal spiritual practice.

I have had some amazing moments of bliss, connecting with a profound experience of God that nothing can ever remove. And I have also experienced moments of feeling separate, alone and isolated, struggling with my personal thoughts of not being enough, needing to do more and feeling less than whole.

We all get highs and lows like these, I feel sure. Because of them I have developed my spiritual practice, finding my way through them to greater equilibrium, harmony, health, balance and joy.

My spiritual practice is about taking time every day to move from busyness and activity to quiet times of prayer, reflection and meditation.

I begin my day getting centred and still, even before I get out of bed, taking some moments to give thanks for the day ahead and every opportunity I will have to help me connect positively and lovingly with all I meet.

In the office we pray and meditate 3 times a day; 9am, 12pm and 3pm. At the end of the day as I prepare for sleep, I once more give thanks for the day and also for a good night’s sleep, feeling safe and loved as I close my eyes. Throughout the day, if anything disturbing or challenging arises, I remember to stop, get still and become aware of what is going on in me, so I can release the disturbance and allow God in me to be my strength, guidance, peace and joy. Deeper reflection times at home also help me realise where my mind and emotions have become over critical and fearful, enabling these to be transformed through Divine love and grace.

As a practical prayer tool, Unity offers the five step prayer practice. This is a method designed to move us from feelings of concern into feelings of wholeness and fulfilment. Part of this is release work and another is affirmative prayer: Using our thoughts, words and feelings to help us connect with God within, around, through and as us. We pray from the perspective of wholeness instead of lack.

Our Daily Word bi-monthly magazine is designed to help support all its readers in this way as well.
I also want to add that, whatever spiritual practice you follow, if it is an experience that is supportive, nurturing and healing and it works for you, please do it.

Through my service in Silent Unity I have also found that when I turn my attention away from myself to hold others in prayer, any feelings of doubt, lack or unworthiness dissolve. I am no longer thinking and worrying about myself – I am practising the knowing of wholeness for another, which will always bless me too. I have no doubt that it is in the giving that we receive, and praying for another is truly an act of love.

So we invite you to create your own spiritual practice and use it to enable every challenge to become an opportunity for greater strength, love, joy and fulfilment. In these seemingly turbulent times it is the one thing that will really enable and support us and those around us.

Finally, together, let us celebrate and give thanks for the activity of God that is always present in and through every person and situation, focusing on this as we pray. Certainly this is our joy and privilege as we pray with you in Silent Unity. Join us and experience the power of prayer, reflection and meditation in your life.

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