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By September 30, 2016 November 16th, 2018 Newsletter

Are you part of a spiritual community? The more time I spend in Unity, the more I have come to realise how important this is.

The world is a demanding and distracting place. So finding others who share the desire to know God and our good more fully, in a similar way to us, helps us stay focused and ‘on track’ with our goals.  Finding people we are comfortable with and even be vulnerable with, is truly a blessing.

It also gives us the opportunity to listen to other points of view or experiences, to broaden our understanding, expand our horizons and tune in to what is true for us. In Unity our theme is very much on Oneness as we remember that each of us are spiritual beings, living in a spiritual universe, governed by spiritual laws. Finding ways to live this way in a world focused on duality is so much easier when we support each other through spiritual community.

This year we have been developing our capacity to do this through the use of Zoom ( originally Fuze), an internet meeting space.

For over a year we have been using it to hold our Unity study classes with people connecting around the UK, Europe and America. As we have progressed through the year, we have really felt the deeper connection that comes when friends study spiritual principles together. New friendships have been formed and it has been a joy to witness and participate in.

A few months ago we started to use Zoom for our Daily Word prayer service each weekday morning. We now have regular praying partners around the UK joining in and it has deepened our spiritual experience.  When we join in at home it feels like Silent Unity is there in our home with us.  There is no doubt that where two or more are gathered together, the deeper, connecting experience of love and truth abide.

Also, for the first time, we used Zoom to enable others to join us during our World Day of Prayer last month.  This was a wonderful learning experience for us as we kept Zoom open for twelve hours in our prayer room. Experiencing others join us in prayer this way was very moving. Prayer is such a powerful tool for good; and to use an internet meeting space like  to enable this, is without doubt blessing us and our world.

So if you don’t have a spiritual community, or would like to add Unity to yours, please know we are here with and for you; through prayer, study and now also through our monthly Sunday gathering. ( All these details are in the newsletter and found on our website.) Join us, meet others who think similarly to you, and experience for yourself the joy of being part of a spiritual community. Let us together celebrate the inner connection and energy which is what Unity is all about.

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Updated 16th November 2018


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