Spiritual Breakthrough- Thought for the Week

By July 24, 2015 Thought for the week

“Never give up when on the verge of a breakthrough. ” 

(The Quest, Ch. 17, Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla)

On our spiritual journey we may try to take in too much new truth too fast. Our enthusiasm may try to force the natural order of change, by cramming in too much that is different from the old way of thinking.

So let’s not rush our fences!

For as we take on new ways of thinking and being, the old ways may not want to give up without a struggle.  It could be that life seems to get worse instead of getting better.

This is when we are to hold our ground and not give up.  We have to give the new a chance to establish itself.

If you are experiencing this, it is not a negative one, nor are you being tested by an outside force.  Think of this as a sign that you are on the edge of a tremendous breakthrough.  Slow your pace and let the new ideas and experiences settle in you. Just like a seed planted in the soil needs time to sprout, so new spiritual understanding is happening through you.

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