Spiritual Breakthrough- Part 2- Thought for the Week

By July 31, 2015 Thought for the week

“Where we are looking is where we are heading.” 

                                                                                   (The Quest, Ch. 19- Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla)

We don’t drive a car, ride our bike, or take a walk, looking behind us! We look in the direction we want to go. The same is true for us in every aspect of our lives.  So a good question to ask ourselves is, “What do I want to experience?  Where do I see myself going?”

When we have a desire or vision for ourselves or the world, this is God-Mind expressing through us with divine ideas. By keeping our mind focused, we become co-creators with God and each other in helping the vision unfold.  As we stay focused on our vision, anything that we have been holding onto that is not moving us in this forward direction (our subconscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs) will come up for us to recognise and release.

This is good as we are being moved toward wholeness. Without playing out the story of blame and shame, allowing the associated feelings to simply be, enables them to dissolve in the presence of God. Letting our feelings arise and dissolve is not looking backward. This is healing happening in the now moment. Underneath is the presence of God holding us, being our truth.

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