One Humanity, Many Stories

Each of us is an individual expression of the divine, creating a different story. As humans we appear to be different colours and agendas, with different goals and soul paths. Yet we are one humanity, learning and growing together.

What is the story of your life? What possibilities, joys and challenges lie before you?

Each month you will enjoy:

  • The beautiful images of Unity Village in America
  • The monthly themes and affirmations of grace, love, community, letting go, being present and more.
  • Space to write your appointments and events.

These calendars make a beautiful gift for yourself and your loved ones.


Know, throughout the year, that we hold you in the light of love and grace. This year let us celebrate the many stories being lived and honour the One who unites us all.

Order your copy now online for just: £3.50 inc. p&p (UK only).