Revealing the inner splendour

Following on from the article in our August newsletter, and also inspired by the the Unity Birmingham newsletter, I wholeheartedly encourage you to reveal your inner splendour.

This is not a personality thing, but a godly thing to do. Jesus told us, “The kingdom of God is among (within) you.” Luke 17:21 The only real and meaningful way to know this is to live it by revealing the amazing ways God shows up as you: your qualities, passions, gifts, love.

So let the glory that is God as Light, Love, Intelligence etc, be revealed in and through you as you let your light shine and be the light you came here to be.


Rev Kimerie Mapletoft

If you would like to spend time in prayer and silence with us at Silent Unity in the UK, and you have access to a smart phone, tablet or computer, you can now do so.

From 9.00-9.30 am and 12.00-12.30 pm, Monday to Friday, join our prayer services and be part of something bigger than our selves. We are honoured to sit together in prayer and stillness with you.

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