“Unity retreats help me to return to my deepest Self and leave behind all the things that get in the way. I feel more me at the end of a Unity retreat.” – Joanna

Our normal retreat programme was of course cancelled through 2020 due to the Coronavirus. We are now however putting together firm plans for 2021, adapting to the situation as we need to. More details will follow. For now … 




We are delighted to announce a brand new online ‘home retreat’ which will take place in the third week of February 2021:  

Saturday Home Retreat Friday 19th – Sunday 21st February, 2021

“From Uncertainty to Faith – Home with God”

Cost: £50 per person. Led by Rev Kimerie Mapletoft, and her team on ZOOM

Join us from the comfort of your home, to share in talks, discussions, meditations and lots of nurturing time. Put aside the whole weekend to feed yourself as we hold the sacred space that allows us to have a felt experience of God, to strengthen and awaken us to our human and spiritual potential. Together we will move from uncertainty to faith, knowing we can always turn to God and know God is here with us, just as we need, to bring forth the good we wish to see and know in this New Year. Email us for more information and to reserve your place. Let us start our New Year as we mean to go on – focused on God and finding deeper joy and peace in the process.

More about our retreats…

“Going away on retreat allows us to get out of the outside world and all that distracts us. To come here and sit and say ok I am willing at least to open to the idea of this cosmic potential, this flow of limitless potential. In other words for me that is what the universe is, that there is a light and we all have it. Allowing ourselves to be there and to shine.” Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft,

“Thank you for a wonderful and blessed weekend. It was lovely meeting friends and being in such caring company. It was a time of coming apart for me to enjoy the beauty, stillness ,the nurturing , having such ‘graced moments’ of sharing and laughter in such beautiful surroundings. I looked forward to these times with Silent Unity to recharge the batteries and I came away feeling truly uplifted.”


"I found the retreat very moving as we were all on the same plane, in search of finding our peace."


“I’m delighted to share with you all my feedback concerning the recent Silent Retreat at Holland House in Worcestershire. At this retreat there was a loving and healthy respect from all in attendance where you could give attention, to your spiritual life. It was one of the most powerful retreats that I have been on. I would definitely say that this is worth going to in the future if you want to develop and maintain a healthy consciousness”


“I feel that Unity retreats help me to return to my deepest Self and leave behind all the things that get in the way. I feel more Me at the end of a Unity retreat. Everyone is positively kind. Thank you for a very helpful weekend. I have managed an enormous workload these past two days but am keeping myself in the Now and returning to the God within. It really works!”


Past Retreats

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Feedback from previous participants


“Thank you for what was a life enhancing weekend. I can only repeat that it (the recent Silent Retreat) was so special, so magical that there simply are not the words to wrap around the myriad feelings, senses and emotions I experienced and with such a depth of new awareness and understanding.” E.J, retreat participant at Unity Silent Retreat


“This time last week we were on the way to another joyous weekend. Morris and I appreciate very much the work that you and your team put in to make our retreat so meaningful

(The retreat) was filled with love and laughter yet at the heart of it was a deep sense of the Divine Presence. 

It was lovely to see you again- to meet up with old friends and to make new ones.”

Blessings, Hazel and Morris






This isn’t my first Silent Retreat, and I have enjoyed them all, but, this one was so special and I feel very blessed. As the time went on, my conscious awareness seemed to become clearer, more tangible, if that makes sense. I was able to hear the sounds beyond the sounds, see the bigger picture in all its glory, and yet feel the tiniest change in the energy. At times my humanness paled to insignificance, and all I was aware of was the huge encompassing energy, of Power, Divine Order, and overwhelming Love. Probably the nearest I have ever been to knowing all really is ok, and the Power and Love of God, Spirit, the Universal Flow of Good, is most definitely in charge.I would say to anyone don’t be put off by the idea of a “Silent” Retreat, because at a deeper level it is anything but silent! When we did a sharing at the end, everyone had their own special memory or feeling that they felt blessed by and we all of us came away relaxed, restored, and feeling in harmony……”wonderful