Rest and Renewal

By August 1, 2019 August 9th, 2019 Newsletter, Unity Ideas and Values

Around our offices here at Silent Unity UK, the world seems quieter in August. Many of the employees are away on holiday, the weather is warmer and so we tend to slow down a bit. It seems like people are resting more than they normally do – around here anyway!

This is a good thing, for taking time to rest from the busy demands of life is so important. Going away from our places of work, to quiet places that renew and refresh us, whether this is by the sea or in the countryside, at home or abroad, refreshes the soul. Nature has a very important role to play in this experience, which is why it is so important that we look after our physical world.
Yet I am reminded, especially following our return on Monday from our silent retreat in Worcestershire that the deepest experience of rest, renewal and peace comes from within us, when we take time to stop and receive our inner experience of God.

In our western world, which seems to be driven by the need or desire for more money, possessions, experiences, entertainment etc., we seem to continually seek to be ‘fed’ from the outside world. Yet many of us know in our hearts that the world is not enough and can never be so. The physical world is in constant change and flux: The one thing we can count on is that this (fill in the blank) will change! So when we try to fill a seeming hole in us from the outside, all we continue to experience is more of the hole. This is what I witness in our possession-driven world. When we feel disconnected from our true, spiritual self, there is only an experience of lack.

However, when we can remember to turn our thinking from – I have a hole that needs to be filled – to – In Truth I am whole, perfect and fulfilled – we open the door to inner experiences that are truly fulfilling and rewarding. They, too, will probably change, develop and grow, but in a way that gives us greater joy and fulfillment. And from this viewpoint we can experience the world in all its joy and glory.

Sometimes the only way to get to this change of mind is to have a change of heart. When we become aware of the hole, instead of trying to fill it from the outside, or turn away from it and pretend it is not there, the best thing we can do is enter the hole, or void. For within this seeming darkness or emptiness is God waiting to be known, lived and shared. There may be feelings that are uncomfortable or difficult to feel into. But when we practice feeling without judgement, just being present to what is without blame or shame, the healing love of God will flow, the hole will become whole, and we will be joyfully filled.

Prayer and meditation are two tools that can really help us do this. The prayer can be –

“Lord, help me, be with me and support me through this healing process; Thank you, God.”

Or perhaps,

“God I know you are with me, helping and supporting me through this process – thank you.”

Then stop and wait for all you are lovingly and unconditionally given. Know you are loved and supported and remember to be compassionate with yourself through the healing process.

So, enjoy your summer. Rest, renew and recuperate. And also take the very important time to allow any hole to be filled from within – you are divinely loved more than you can ever know, for underneath, in and through, Love holds you, is one with you and is waiting to be known by you.

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