By January 2, 2020 Unity Ideas and Values

I reflect, I understand, I forgive, I grow

Most of us have extremely busy lives. Life feels so much more demanding, faster and busier than ever before.

Therefore, it is even more important to take some quiet time for ourselves.

At the turn of this New Year and new decade, taking time to reflect on the year that has gone is a very worthwhile use of our time. Without taking time to stop, pause and reflect, we are forever rushing forward without any understanding of where we have been and where we are going.

As we reflect (remembering without judgement) on our experiences and our attitudes, we understand more fully what we have learnt, what we want to release and forgive, and what we want to take with us to develop in the New Year. This is how we recognise that we are growing and changing as human beings on our spiritual path. Journaling our thoughts and feelings helps us connect more deeply with the ideas and experiences we want to focus on as we develop and grow together.

Quiet time spent with God and our divine self is the most important gift we can give ourselves and our world. It is written in Scripture that Jesus repeatedly took himself apart for a while to pray and in Unity Jesus is our way-shower, guide and example. Taking time apart from the world helps us re-centre and re-focus on what is important – our connection with God in us, as our centre of love, life, light and peace.

As we practice being centred in this God-awareness, we pray with greater faith in the Presence that is with us and within us always. And if we need help, this is the perfect time to ask God in us to show the way and deeper our understanding of all that is happening.

Thus the invitation, at the beginning of this new month, year and decade, is to take time apart to be with God (the one true power and presence in the Universe) and the Christ Presence (the true light that you are) to guide, direct and work through you, enabling you to be the next best version of you that you can be.

To enable you in this meaningful way, you are warmly invited to join in with Unity’s Burning Bowl services around the country, where we spend time releasing the old and connecting with the new.

We look forward to being with you this year via this blog, our Thought for the Week and newletter (sign-up here)Daily WordSilent Unity our prayer ministry, our centres and group activities, our retreats and online study we do together.

It is our joy to serve and support you on your human and spiritual journeys. For we never travel alone – we travel together in faith, love and appreciation, always.

May this New Year bring you an even deeper awareness of God in you as your Source, your strength, your joy, your fulfilment, your light, your peace. Bless you.

Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft, Director of Silent Unity



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