Real Joy – Giving from the heart

“Real joy comes from giving from the heart.”

We are taught to believe that the world is here to give to us what we desire and we look to the world to fulfill our needs.

Yet real and sustained joy can only come from giving from the heart.

There is a true story about children who were found in institutions in Romania, who spent all day by themselves in their cots without any human interaction, and how poorly their health and spirits were.

As people went in and started to give them hugs and and attention the children started to respond. It was thought they responded because they were at last given love.  There is no doubt that this would have had an impact. But the deeper realisation is that these children were now able to give love to someone – and it was the giving of love that had the deepest impact on them.

Real joy comes when we are truly present to each other and can find a way to give from the heart. For it is only when we give that we truly receive. Who can you give to this week?


Online Prayer Service

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