Truth Be Told- From the Legendary Writers of Unity


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For more than a century, Unity has been blessed to develop in the media age—first with magazines
and books, then radio and television, and now of course the internet, email, and texts. Its spiritual teachings have been communicated all over the world. However, nothing stirs us quite like the fire and passion of the early writers as they discovered universal principles that were new to them, yet ancient. They eagerly shared what they were learning, and we are blessed to have their powerful writings today.
In this booklet, we have put together for you a sampling of passages from legendary Unity ministers, teachers, and authors. This is far from an exhaustive list, and you might have other favorites. Some are likely familiar and others less so. We’ve added references so you may continue to
explore each of them. It is our hope that these authors’ words of wisdom, truth, and inspiration will invigorate you, make you think deeply, and bring healing and comfort to you.

(taken from the introduction)

Includes writings by Charles Fillmore, Myrtle Fillmore, Mary Kupferle, Eric Butterworth, James Dillet Freeman, Martha Smock, H. Emilie Cady,  and Frank B Whitney.


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