The Comfort of Prayer – Booklet


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For 130 years, Unity has been devoted to prayer. This booklet is devoted to prayer. For we know, through our practice and faith, that prayer works.

In Unity, we believe that we are never separate from God. There is no need to search for the Infinite, because it abides in us and we in it.

We practice something called affirmative prayer, meaning we declare the good that is already here. Rather than seek deliverance, we call upon our own divine nature – the God essence of every person – to invoke the attributes of God that were born in us, waiting to be developed. Contained in this most recent Unity booklet, you will discover articles that cover subjects like, What is Prayer; The Christ Spirit; Entering the Silence; What Prayer can do for You.

There are also prayers of guidance, healing, forgiveness, comfort, abundance, gratitude and loving relationships.

Our prayer is that you find meaning in this booklet that is devoted to prayer, turning to it time and again as you pray.

It is the perfect accompaniment to Unity’s World Day of Prayer, held this year on 10th September.





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