Return to Wholeness


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Since 1890 people have been contacting Silent Unity for prayer support. And the most popular request is healing. Healing of self; of others; of mind, body and spirit.

In a sense every prayer request is for healing, as this brings a return to wholeness, a natural state of balance.

The Unity movement was founded because Charles and Myrtle Fillmore wanted to share what they had learned about universal healing principles and the power of mind over body. Myrtle used prayer and meditation to heal a lifelong ailment (her story is in this booklet) and never wavered in her belief that the life and intelligence we call God can restore anyone to health.

The practices she and others have used successfully through the decades are still taught in Unity and shared in this booklet. We invite you to order your copy and explore the many facets of healing with us, to support your healing journey.

“The primary truth, the foundation of all healing, is the realisation of our innate oneness with God, our source and our true nature.”

Robert Brumet, The Quest for Wholeness

Just £2.95 a copy of this 48-page booklet (UK only) 


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