Fasting and Feasting – Lent 2020


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Lent is a time of spiritual preparation for Easter.

It is a time of renewal – it is also a time of reflection and release. When we gently recognise, release and let go of thoughts that block our good, we can take up new thoughts with affirmations of Truth to guide our days.

Last year, our Lent booklet was based on a writing attributed to William Arthur Ward, “Fasting and Feasting”.  It was so popular that Unity has taken the same idea and created our own version for Lent 2020. Every two days, we alternately offer a quality to be released (fear, doubt, insecurity etc.) then focus on the greater good (courage, faith, confidence.)

As we travel this season together, let our Unity booklet enhance your experience of Lent and renew your awareness of your own Christ nature.

Order your Lent booklet today and join us as we fast and feast together, guiding us in our own transformation.

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