Audlin, Mindy- Let it Begin with Me- 21 Voices of the New Peace Movement


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“Peacebuilding is both an art and a spiritual journey. Let It Begin With Me does more than highlight the efforts of a diverse group of visionaries. It inspires each of us as readers to truly ‘be the change’ we wish to see in the world.”
—James Twyman, author and peace troubadour,

The peace movement has come a long way since the “make love, not war” mantra of the 1960s. No longer are activists solely focused on the end of violence. A new consciousness is taking hold that realises the power and potential of creating a new vision of peace, allowing it to express in our world. People are living true to this vision, and a new peace paradigm is growing.

Let It Begin With Me features 21 interviews from Unity Online Radio’s archived programs Leading Edge which was hosted by Mindy Audlin. Each interview, with best-selling authors, speakers and visionaries, explores the possibility of peace from a different perspective. Gain inspiring ideas for your own spiritual practice, create your own definition of peace, and discover ways to make a real difference in your community and in the world.


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