Advent 2020 Booklet- The Spirit of Christmas



Every year we say Advent is a time of spiritual preparation for Christmas. But what needs to be prepared?

It is our own sense of being. The Season of Advent gives us time and space to nurture a deeper understanding of who we really are, as tenderly as we would care for a new baby.

The story of Mary and Joseph and the divine child born in a manger has resonated with us for 2,000 years because we feel ourselves to be part of it. Christmas represents the divine child born in each of us and the divine attributes we can develop as we learn to express our God nature in human form.

The four Sundays of Advent proclaim aspects of that divine

Nature — hope and faith, peace, love, and joy. The daily messages will guide you in contemplating the attributes of

Spirit in you.

The readings continue through to Epiphany on January 6, exploring your 12 divine powers. As this unusual year draws to a close, we are especially attuned to its lessons and legacies. We hope this booklet reawakens in you a sense of oneness with God and a knowing of yourself as holy too.


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