30 Days to Fearless Living


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Some of the questions most frequently asked these days are: How can I see what’s happening in the world through spiritual eyes?  How can I keep from fear and despair?

There is no doubt that many are feeling fear at this time.  Life is very uncertain and challenging, as we find ways to pull together. Yet if fear takes over, it dominates our lives

This booklet is a compendium of spiritual practices for living without fear in “quietness and confidence,” no matter what is happening around you. With an entry each day for 30 days, we hope you will return to this booklet time and again for its wisdom and reassurance.

Readings are taken from such Unity writers as: Rev. Jim Rosemergy, Rev. Robert Brumet, Martha Smock, Mary. L Kupferle, James Dilllet Freeman, Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft , Rev. Tom Thorpe, and many others

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