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“No matter when, no matter how, no matter where, no matter what…”

my Spirit is always free!


Welcome to our new page where we highlight the work currently being done to reach out to the marginalised and vulnerable in our society.

Daily Word is central to this work, for it offers  practical, non-dogmatic spirituality and affirmative prayer as a daily support. The magazine is an invaluable source of comfort, guidance and support for prisoners, whatever their faith – or even if they feel they have no faith at all.

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For some years we have been sending free copies to prisons in the UK, supported by Unity members who have committed individual gift subscriptions to assist our prison work. In a recent outreach drive we have added five new prisons to this list and have welcomed several new Unity supporters who have pledged individual  prison gift subscriptions. These are the prisons we currently support:

THE MOUNT, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD                                  HMP CARDIFF

WORMWOOD SCRUBS, LONDON                                    HMP BRIXTON

HMP LEICESTER                                                                   HMP YORK

WANDSWORTH, LONDON                                                HMP RYE HILL

HMP LINCOLN                                                                     HMP GUYS MARSH





A Daily Word reading "is like a single shaft of sunlight offering the promise of a new day..."

A Daily Word reading “is like a  shaft of morning sunlight offering the promise of a new day…”

Proof of the value of our work comes from the letters we have received from individual prisoners who have, as a result of our outreach, discovered in Daily Word a powerful support in their lives. Here are the words of one recent grateful prisoner:

Daily Word is a great inspiration…it provides me with a contact with a family; a family of thousands of my brothers and sisters reflecting on the same daily words… God has truly set me free and I will not become complacent as long as such wonderful publications like Daily Word exist.”

If you would like to support our Prison work; or if you are a Prison Chaplain and would like to order free copies of Daily Word for your prison, please email  Steve (