Prayers for Peace IconWith all that has happened recently in France, the USA, and the Middle East, our world seems to have become a very complicated, dangerous and violent place.

We may feel helpless, overwhelmed, confused. And how on earth can we work towards an end to war, terrorism, prejudice, racial hatred and intolerance? Is prayer of any purpose at all in this difficult and complex world?

Unity’s belief in the power of affirmative spirituality can, we think, point us in the right direction.

This is how Unity’s Rev. Kimerie Mapletoft responded to the challenge in a recent discussion at Unity’s Kairos Retreat:



And another Unity perspective on the prevalence of violence and war in our current world is offered by Rev John Wingfield in his latest ‘Letter from America’, a series he writes for Unity’s Friends Room.

John Wingfield

John Wingfield

An edited version of John’s letter is read by Peter Lang in this short recording:

Letter from America