Prayer-More than Words

Prayer is a very personal experience. In Unity we offer the suggestion that we pray to change ourselves by connecting with the power that lives in, through, around and as our divine self, our Christ self, always.

We speak about releasing and letting go of what is in the way of our good (our human thoughts, fears, ideas) to open and connect with our good that is already here but very often not experienced.

We also add there is no right or wrong way to pray – do what works for you.

What works for me is practicing getting into the silence by dropping beneath my thoughts and words, acknowledging and allowing any negative feelings to dissolve as I let them go, and then allowing the God-energy of love, life, joy, power, peace to fill, guide and encourage me as I move into doing what is mine to do. It is all about the feeling of connection.

So often we think we have to do the work to make things happen. That if we say the right words and do the right thing, everything will fall into place. However, I suggest that when we give ourselves the gift of our connecting with God, when we Practice the Presence, as Joel Goldsmith advised by feeling into God, that is when everything falls into place. For me, prayer is this feeling of connection and it works every time.

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