The Power of Prayer 

“Prayer is the connecting link.”

Emmett Fox, in his pamphlet, The Golden Key, tells us that in everything we are to turn
our attention back to God. “Stop thinking about the difficulty, whatever it is, and think about God instead.”

If we can keep our thoughts focused on God as Love (as Jesus taught), any feelings of hurt and blame, of judgement and unforgiveness, will dissolve, for they cannot exist in Love expressing as us.

If we keep our thoughts focused on God as Mind, expressing through us as Divine Ideas, we are more able to fully receive and act upon these ideas that guide us safely, confidently and abundantly along our life path.

If we keep our thoughts focused on God as Perfect Life, expressing as us, every cell and atom responds and aligns with Life as the truth of our being.

Prayer is the connecting link. Prayer is using our words then sitting in silence to receive the knowing of answered prayer. Prayer enables us to know God in us, as us. Prayer connects us to the truth of our being, to the truth in each other, to the activity of God expressing in, through, around and as us, always.

Use your words of prayer with faith. Silently ‘wait upon the Lord, and know that every need is met, every answer is given, every wound is healed.

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Our forthcoming Unity Spring retreat at The Kairos Retreat Centre, SW London, will be the perfect time to experience forgiveness and put our cross down. Join us, share in spiritual community and communion with God, and know the love and peace of God as your truth, with us.

If you would like to spend time in prayer and silence with us at Silent Unity in the UK, and you have access to a smart phone, tablet or computer, you can now do so.

From 9.00-9.30 am and 12.00-12.30 pm, Monday to Friday, join our prayer services and be part of something bigger than our selves. We are honoured to sit together in prayer and stillness with you

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