The Power of the Word

By November 7, 2014 February 6th, 2015 Uncategorized

Myrtle Fillmore co-founder of Unity was instrumental in producing the Daily Word, she writes that:

“Since two or more gathered together have the tremendous power that Jesus promised, what power would be released if thousands could be united in speaking one thought! It was this idea which led us to publish monthly thoughts in our Unity periodicals, that we all might unite our thoughts at some time in the day. -How to Let God Help You – Myrtle Fillmore

And to this day millions of people across the world read the Daily Word, here at the Unity office we start our morning in this special way, gathering together to light a candle, read the Daily Word and hold in the silence those on our prayer list. When we take time to start the day with prayer and meditation we set up our day and clear the slate. It is powerful to know that across the world there are people reading the same words in the Daily Word. The Daily Word can be found in churches, schools, army and prisons; bringing inspiration and comfort to all those who read it.




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