Power in Prayer- Thought for the Week

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“Prayer opens the door.”

                                     ( The Quest Ch. 11 , Richard and Mary Alice Jafolla)


Whenever we enter into conscious communion with our Creator, ‘the Power which powers the universe’, we enter our inner temple, or inner fortress if you will. Here we are refreshed, reinvigorated, renewed.

There is no right or wrong way to pray – it is simply talking to God, in whatever language works for you.  The whole point though, is that prayer is a 24/7 process.

We may affirm our highest good for 30 minutes every day.  But if the other 23.5 hours are out of alignment with our prayers through our thoughts, words, feelings or actions (in other words we are not congruent) the result will come from the main focus of our living.  This is why prayer is always answered.  The question we must ask ourselves is, what am I praying?

When we can feel our way into God, speak words of divine empowerment, allow our actions to support our prayers and cancel out any words which oppose our prayer, our lives will come right.  This also means, not my will but Thy will be done, as the Creator knows what is best for us.

So do not pray from a point of lack. Pray to know your wholeness and the wholeness of everyone around you. And watch the good unfold.


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