Poetry Power: Poetry by a Unity Friend

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As with the Morning Glory, so with you.

Bloom today. Next week won’t do.


Some say there are some birds

that can’t fly,

but since all living things

come with invisible wings,

they lie.


Hope may spring eternal but it’s knowing that soothes the Soul and allows for growing.


Most days it does n’t pay to say

What would you, God, have me do this day?

Free-will doesn’t come with instructions on how to whine and blame God and others for our fanciful failures and our self-indulgent druthers.


What’s that you ask ?

Why do I talk so much of Trees?

They never bow to the Forest

or bend and live on their knees.


We love Walt because he sang to us of Soul.

But for those dark places in the human mind we turn to Poe


This moment of grace. This sacred hour.

A mission met. Poetry power.


Longings are OK as long as they

don‘t cripple our ability to make a Now day.


Hope may spring eternal

but it’s sweat that puts wings on dreams.


The Part and the Whole are equally essential.

One may be a gold pen but there is much value in a plain pencil.


By Elizabeth Andrews

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