The Path- Unity Thought for the Week

By March 18, 2016 Thought for the week

“I am on the path of knowing God.”

Richard and Mary Alice Jafolla

The Quest Ch. 45

We have perhaps been taught that the path to God is narrow and requires commitment, dedication and focus, and this is true.

Yet what is also true is that the path is easy and wide, welcoming us all to walk its route. For as we keep our focus on God as love, with ease and non-resistance, we experience the essence of God and the activity of God as good in all its forms, deeply and profoundly. From this experience of God, our good manifests with ease and grace. We know ourselves to be whole and well. We know ourselves and each other as love.

As we walk the path of God, know we draw to us others who do the same. And to all those who walk a different path, we love and release them to their highest good. For in the end, all paths lead us back to the knowing of our oneness within God.

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